Print: Make Way For Ducklings

Limited edition of just 500 prints, you will receive a 4x6 print with a matte border, ready to fit into a 5x7 frame. This limited edition print is hand signed and numbered by the artist, and is just $19.95 including free shipping!

From The Artist:

"Although I've seen the statues many times, I had never noticed the details until I decided to paint them. Each duckling has their own personality. It reminds me of kids walking with their mom, doing mischivous things behind her back. It was so easy to insert Forest into the painting, I knew right where he should go."


The children's book "Make Way for Ducklings", written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey, is the story of a pair of ducks who decide to raise their family on an island in the Boston Public Garden's lagoon. McCloskey's book was inspired by all the time he spent feeding the ducks in the Public Garden.

Since first published in 1941, the enormous popularity of the book led to the installation of bronze statues of a mother duck and her eight ducklings by Nancy Schön in the Boston Public Garden.

Each spring since 1978 the city hosts an annual "Duckling Day" parade where children dress as ducklings.

"Make Way for Ducklings" is the official children’s book of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Make Way For Ducklings