Little Black Dog Studios

Beth Elam


Beth has been painting all of her life. She credits her grandmother for fostering her love for art. It was her grandmother who sent her to her first art class at age 9, and Beth has fond memories of visiting museums and art galleries as a child with her. Growing up as one of five children, Beth cherished the one-on-one time.

Beth's studio is named after her first dog, Forest. Forest came to Beth in 1997 when her friends, who were away camping for the weekend, found a little dog in, you guessed it, the forest. Beth took care of him for the summer and fell in love. Forest was constantly by her side. He was there as she moved across the country to start a new life after college. He stayed by her side through many adventures, including international travel!

You'll find Forest in every painting that Beth paints. This is Beth's way of keeping him in her memories, and to make sure he continues on life's adventures with her. He is very small and hard to find sometimes, but he's there, looking out for everyone like the little guard dog that he always fancied himself. Think of it as Where's Waldo, but with a cute, cuddly puppy.

Beth and Forest