Print: Gloucester Fisherman Statue

Limited edition of just 500 prints, you will receive a 4x6 print with a matte border, ready to fit into a 5x7 frame. This limited edition print is hand signed and numbered by the artist, and is just $19.95 including free shipping!

From The Artist:

"I love Gloucester. There were so many important life events have happened to me in Gloucester. Most importantly, my husband and I got married there. Although the venue wouldn't let Forest attend, that didn't stop us from including him. It was a week full of events with my whole extended family, who all loved Gloucester too! I also had some gorgeous bike rides while training for my first Ironman Triathlon, riding around Gloucester and Cape Ann from Salem."


Leonard Craske, Sculptor, 1925

Originally dedicated to "They that go down to the sea in ships" in the years 1623 to 1923, it is now a memorial to all Gloucester fishermen who have lost their lives while fishing and has become the very symbol of Gloucester itself.

The statue is bronze on a base of local granite with a rough finish meant to symbolize the rugged character of both the statue and all fishermen.

Gloucester Fisherman Statue